Šamane 2024
Šamane, from Tampere, Finland, moves timelessly along the dark halls of cold alternative rock, grieving tones and mesmeric soundscapes. The band’s third full-length album Solstice was released on the 12th of April 2024 via Last Day of the North.

The Tampere three-piece has been building a distinctive, immersive sound of their own since their formation in 2017. After releasing their first two albums, Kaukana virtaa Eufrat (2019) and Šamane (2020), the band now submerges deeper into the depths of their creative ocean on their most imaginative album to date.

Saara Šamane  VOCALS & BASS
Aleksi Kiiskilä  GUITAR & OUD
Otto Heino  DRUMS

Šamane: Se itkee sadetta (Music Video)

Šamane 2024
Šamane 2024
"In a world which is so immensely loud, and as volatile as it is right now, to find something so unique, and soothing is a rarity."
The Sleeping Shaman
"Šamane draws influence for her music from the literal ground she walks on and the connection it brings her to her ancestors and kin. Her music is reminiscent of Björk, if Björk had any genuine appeal to metal fans."
New Noise Magazine
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